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  Bayview Estates - Wastewater Treatment Plant
Mill Bay, BC

Plant Type:   Membrane bio-reactor (MBR)
Date of Manufacture:   2006
Capacity:   163 m3/d (43,000 USGPD)
Design Concerns:  

Required high quality effluent (the discharged effluent is visible, in rapid exfiltration basins), small installed footprint (high value property) and no operating odours (the plant is surrounded by houses, in a residential subdivision)

Treatment Technology:   Membrane bio-reactor (MBR), followed by UV disinfection
Special Features:   This plant uses pre-cast flow equalization tanks, a “Salsnes” fine screen, fabricated steel reactor tank and standard MLE (anoxic-aerobic) process
Performance:   Rated for 100 m3/d with immediate increase to 150 m3/d however no performance testing has been done to date
Additional Detail:   The entire plant was built with the knowledge that it will be “twinned” in the near future as other subdivision in the area are developed.
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