Container Systems

The SaniBrane® container systems are suitable for a wide variety of applications in both municipal and industrial.  These container systems are at the forefront of addressing wastewater challenges in remote areas, because they offer compact and self-contained wastewater treatment systems.

A SaniBrane® container system can be set-up and operating in just a few hours – no building required. The system is very low maintenance and many find that in most cases the effluent is of higher quality than required.

There are several sizes of SaniBrane® container system available, all complete with flow equalization, treatment tankage, heat, lights and controls. A long list of available options will ensure compatibility with your specific requirements.
Standard sizes include:

  • 4,000 gpd (15m3/d), built inside a 40 ft “hi-cube” container
  • 8,000 gpd (30m3/d), inside a 48 ft container
  • 12,000 gpd (45m3/d) inside two 40 ft “high cube” containers
  • 16,000 gpd (60m3/d) inside two 48 ft containers